Selection & Scholarships

All ALGANT Master students are jointly selected by the ALGANT consortium on the basis of academic excellence and potential.

Candidates will be selected on their academic record, motivation (well-thought study programme), recommendations letters and chances of success in the programme (possible pursuit in a doctorate programme or integration in an industry research unit). The number of students is not limited a priori and there is no admission test.

Admission Criteria To qualify for admission for ALGANT applicants should:

  • have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics or equivalent, with good results from a recognised university;
  • have a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English.

Scholarships The ALGANT consortium can offer a number of Erasmus scholaships:

  • Erasmus Mundus Category A for non-EU citizens, covering two years of studies;
  • Erasmus Mundus Category B for EU citizens or residents, covering two years of studies;
  • LLP Erasmus for EU citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a european member university, partly financing up to one year of studies in another european member university.

For more information on eligibility and financial conditions for Erasmus Mundus Scolarships, please consult the main ALGANT homepage.

Call for applications

Every year, there will be several calls. The Call for Erasmus Mundus Scolarships is launched in the autumn, published on the main ALGANT homepage. Deadlines may vary for Category A and B scholarships.