Courses' Programs 2015-16

Fall Term Spring Term
(3 oct-20 jan)
(27 feb-9 jun)

*Commutative Algebra (8)
M. Garuti
*Algebraic Geometry 1 (8)
B. Chiarellotto
*Cryptography (6)
A. Languasco
Algebraic Geometry 2 (6)
C. Novelli
Introduction to Group Theory (8)
A. Lucchini
*Complex Analysis (6)
P. Polesello
Introduction to Ring Theory (8)
A. Facchini
Number Theory 2 (6)
A. Iovita
*Number Theory 1 (8)
F. Baldassarri
Representation Theory (6)
G. Carnovale
Several Complex Variables (6)
L. Baracco
Rings and Modules (6)
S. Bazzoni
*Symplectic Mechanics (6)
F. Cardin
Topology 2 (6)
A. Dagnolo

Seminario Studenti The students' seminar, coordinated by dr. F. Marcuzzi. Check the web page for infos.

Courses marked with an asterisk (*) are compulsory for first-year students.
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The number in parenthesis indicates the number of credits (ECTS) per course. Further credits are attributed to the Master Thesis (36) and Seminars (4).